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Heroine, principal female character.


Created by janda, as a response to key imbalances in the music industry, and a desire to put
women front and center in the contemporary music space, Tuawahine is a show that is
made by women and performed by women.

Featuring a revolving cast of some of New Zealand’s most loved wahine artists and
musicians including Anika Moa, Annie Crummer, Georgia Lines, Boh Runga, Paige, Ria Hall,
Julia Deans, Anna Coddington, L.A. Mitchell, Marika Hodgson and Toops, Tuawahine
celebrates the power of Wahine Toa through music.

Musical director Ria Hall says ‘By putting female artists centre stage, we all get to participate
in the creation of a space where female empowerment is shared through music, and
embodied through performance."

Tuawahine is a celebration of the talent, artistry and strength of Aotearoa’s wahine Artists.

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